Tuesday, September 28, 2010

thE way of lovE..♥


dear readErs..

Realize that thEre is only onE ♥ that will not hurt you..
you will not able to sEe thE ♥, but you can feel it..~

the prophet path, thE way of lovE,
only by this lovE u will risE above,
like a dovE that's been set free,
lovE with longing is the key,
this lovE with longing is thE key..

honEy, nectar, sweetness and crEam,
orchids blooming by a mounting stream,
starlit skiEs and waves on thE sand,
next to lovE they can't stand,
next to this lovE they cannot stand..

how can I find a way to express,
something that cannot bE thought of guessed,
something morE than just words,
this lovE is neither seen nor hEard,
this lovE is neither seen nor hEard..

lovE is the ropE given by Allah,
it will savE you from every flaw,
grasp it thEn He will draw you near..

♥ a very nicE song..crEdit to Hadad Alwi n Debu..may Allah blessing all of u..

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